At Mosaic Life Care Journey, we want to change the way you think about health care. When you think of your well-being, it may bring to mind images of annual check-ups, prescription refills and finding out how easily you can get an appointment if you’re sick.


Wellness is about more than simply treating symptoms, though. It’s about Life Care and living your best life. On your Life Care Journey, it’s important to not only care for your physical body in times of sickness or injury, but to recognize the foundational areas of life that contribute to your improved well-being, so you are empowered for your journey.


Mosaic Life Care Journey is about all the aspects of life that impact your overall well-being. It’s about taking control of your life in a number of ways so that you can live the best possible version of your journey. We’ve identified the key areas of life care that affect your well-being. We call them the Seven Dimensions of Life Care:


• Health
• Relationship
• Creativity
• Inner Peace
• Career
• Lifestyle
• Finances


We offer a variety of ways to support wellness through your Life Care Journey. Every caregiver you encounter at Mosaic Life Care Journey is committed to helping you boost your well-being and overall health. Caregivers support your Life Care Journey through unique offerings designed to help you live a happy and full life.


We know each and every person is on a different life journey, and we want to offer you multiple ways to start a trusted relationship with Mosaic Life Care Journey. Whether that relationship is started through a Life Coaching session, participating in a fitness class or attending one of our many events at our Life Center, we have a place for you to belong.


You’re on a journey, and at Mosaic Life Care Journey, we want to help you make the most of that journey and live your best possible life. We want you to get a clear vision of how you see your best life, and then empower you with the tools and practices to make the most of your journey and your well-being.