The focus on myCareer is assessing the combination of factors (like education level, skills and interests, geographic and industry preferences, the company you work for, the people you work with); understanding your short- and longer-term career options, and feeling like your work has meaning and purpose.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • I believe my job or career is making good use of my personal strengths, passion, education, skills and interests.
  • I feel valued and respected for the work I do in my present job and/or company.

If not, we can help you start down the path to better relationships through a process of self-discovery. First, you have to be willing to start the Journey. Here are a few resources to help you get started.

  1. Find the latest blog on myCareer .
  2. Check out our calendar for myCareer-related activities.

Finding your life purpose or “calling” and letting the work you do be born out of your calling is a prescription for living life well. Doing the work you love is freeing and invigorating. If you take the time to carefully evaluate your life, you may find a new career or make changes to your current career, enabling you to do what you love to make the income you desire.


With a Life Coach, you can discover your true calling and begin maximizing your personal and professional potential.