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Are You Looking for Catering in Kansas City?

February 21, 2017

Tips on Choosing Catering in Kansas City for Your Next Event Before you know it, your big event(s) will be here. Whether you are in charge of a summer company picnic, a family reunion, an industry product launch, a graduation or any other large scale event it is not too soon to start laying some  Continue Reading »

Getting Started on a Paleo Diet?

February 7, 2017

Try These Lunch Ideas as You Begin Your Journey on a Paleo Diet You are ready to make lifestyle changes as you begin your Paleo diet. You’ve got your fridge loaded with healthy veggies, you’ve flipped through your new Paleo cookbook featuring pictures of delicious, budget-friendly meals, and you’ve purged your kitchen of processed foods  Continue Reading »

Cooking Classes for Couples: A Perfect Valentine’s Date

January 31, 2017

Cooking Classes for Couples Offer Romance and Adventure Are you looking for a unique idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone? There are a lot of good reasons why cooking classes for couples are the perfect solution for a romantic evening, especially when you’re looking for something a little more exciting than the  Continue Reading »

Healthy Kid Friendly Snacks for Valentine’s Day

January 24, 2017

Skip the Sugar and Embrace Kid-Friendly Snacks That Even the Adults Will Love Valentine’s Day is coming, and while you may remember conversation hearts and red lollipops from your school parties growing up, moms are beginning to embrace more nutritious options. Kid-friendly snacks allow everyone to have a little fun but still feel great!    Continue Reading »

Plan Ahead to Incorporate Healthy Snacks at Work

January 17, 2017

Our Top Picks for Healthy Snacks at Work Snacking can be a healthy practice when the right foods are chosen. This is hard to do though if you are away at work all day. How can you have healthy snacks at work? Planning ahead is key. Take some time to prepare healthy snacks before the  Continue Reading »

What Do You Do if Your Toddler Must Follow a Celiac Diet?

January 10, 2017

A Celiac Diet Doesn’t Mean Your Little One Can’t Enjoy Fun Foods Parents of toddlers often swap stories about the things their little ones won’t (and will) eat. Getting your toddler to eat foods that are nutritious is challenging for every mom and dad, but if your little one has celiac disease, it can feel  Continue Reading »

A Healthy Option for Catering in Kansas City

January 3, 2017

Catering in Kansas City for Any Occasion The new year is here and it is time to start planning for your 2017 events. Whether this year holds a significant anniversary, retirement, corporate launch, baby’s arrival or graduation, there is a healthy option for catering in Kansas City which can help you provide delicious food for  Continue Reading »

Easy, Healthy Meals for When You are Short on Time

December 27, 2016

Even When You Don’t Have Time to Cook, You Can Still Eat Easy, Healthy Meals You don’t have time to cook, but you know that hitting the drive-through every night is not the best choice. Even if you opt for salads or grilled chicken, you’re bound to eat more calories when you eat out, and  Continue Reading »

Is 2017 Your Year to Adopt a Paleo Lifestyle?

December 20, 2016

Making the Change Over to a Paleo Lifestyle The paleo diet isn’t really about “dieting” at all, it’s a lifestyle. Though adopting a paleo lifestyle can lead to weight loss, it can also lead to overall improved health including feeling less bloated, more energetic and getting fewer between meal cravings. Eating paleo is a completely  Continue Reading »

Your Paleo Diet, Decked Out for the Holidays

December 13, 2016

Following a Paleo Diet, No Matter What the Season With a myriad of holiday celebrations, it can be challenging to stick to your paleo diet. The buffets of pies and cookies, the mounds of mashed potatoes and the baskets of yeasty rolls can throw your entire plan off-course if you’re not prepared with a strategy.  Continue Reading »