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Planning an Adoption Ceremony That Honors Both Families

February 23, 2017

Your Adoption Ceremony is a Unique Celebration of Your Child’s Past and Future An adoption ceremony is a way of expressing thankfulness, joy and happiness in your child’s new place in your family. It is much like a baby dedication, naming ceremony or baby shower, where the transition to a new stage of life is  Continue Reading »

Are You Looking for an Outdoor Wedding Venue?

February 9, 2017

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Destination weddings, highly personalized weddings, weddings that hold something surprising — these are the descriptors for today’s weddings. Many brides are opting to hold their wedding ceremony outside the church walls and create an event that will be uniquely their own. An outdoor wedding  Continue Reading »

A Golden Anniversary is a Special Milestone to Share With Loved Ones

February 2, 2017

Golden Anniversary Ideas to Help You Plan a Celebration of 50 Years After the wedding day itself, there may be no bigger celebration in married life than the Golden Anniversary. Reaching the 50 year mark is becoming rarer and something to commemorate! If your parents, or other loved ones, will celebrate this important milestone in  Continue Reading »

Celebrating Rites of Passage

January 26, 2017

Recognizing the Stages of Life and Commemorating Rites of Passage Rites of passage are celebrations to acknowledge when an individual crosses from one stage or identity in life to another. Most rites of passage involve ritual teachings and activities to help with the individual’s transition. Some rites of passage are linked to religious observance, others  Continue Reading »

New Trends for Baby Shower Themes

January 19, 2017

Today’s Baby Shower Themes Are Unique and Fun Baby showers can be traditional or modern, formal or casual, created especially for the guest of honor who is being celebrated. New trends in baby shower themes show that the latest generation is being welcomed in style with unique and creative shower themes.   Here is a  Continue Reading »

Are You Trying to Decide Between Party Venues for Your High School Reunion?

January 12, 2017

Comparing Party Venues is an Important Step for the Perfect Night You’ve shouldered the responsibility for planning your class’s high school reunion. You’re determined to plan a memorable, fun-filled bash, but aren’t sure where to start with determining which of the area’s party venues will be the best choice. What factors should you consider, and  Continue Reading »

The Importance of Celebrating Milestones, Big or Small

January 5, 2017

Celebrating Milestones in an Appreciation of Life If your son or daughter gets married this year, if you earn an advanced degree, or if you welcome an adopted child into your family, you will undoubtedly mark these occasions with some form of commemoration. Whether it’s a party or a ceremony, you’ll enjoy taking a moment  Continue Reading »

Are You Planning a Corporate Event for 2017?

December 29, 2016

Tips to Make Your Next Corporate Event a Success As 2016 winds down, you may be looking ahead toward the new year and what that holds for your company. One way to increase your business in the coming year is to host an off-site corporate event. Inviting new and existing clients to an attractive venue  Continue Reading »

Planning an Engagement Ceremony to Celebrate Your Love Story

December 22, 2016

Ideas for a Unique Engagement Ceremony There is often so much attention given to planning a wedding that the important milestone of getting engaged often gets overlooked. Historically, the parents of an engaged couple would host an official soiree in order to publicly announce the couple’s engagement. While some of the formality surrounding the engagement  Continue Reading »

Memorial Service Ideas to Help Cope With Loss During the Celebration Season

December 8, 2016

Planning a Funeral Over the Holidays With These Memorial Service Ideas It is never easy to lose someone you love. It doesn’t matter if their death was sudden and unexpected or came at the end of a long illness. Loss is painful. Should that loss be experienced near the holidays it can feel particularly poignant.  Continue Reading »