Tips on Choosing Catering in Kansas City for Your Next Event

Before you know it, your big event(s) will be here. Whether you are in charge of a summer company picnic, a family reunion, an industry product launch, a graduation or any other large scale event it is not too soon to start laying some important groundwork. Choosing a venue and a caterer are two of the most important decisions you need to make. Here are some tips on how to choose from among the many who offer catering in Kansas City.

Know Your Guests

After selecting your venue, your next important decision will be who to select as a caterer. It is important for you to know your guests as you look at your choice for a caterer. Will this be a large business event or will it be a more intimate event for family and friends? Will you need to serve dozens or hundreds? Will the event be casual, black tie or somewhere in-between? If your guests arrive in formal attire they will not be expecting barbecue as an entrée. If it is a gathering of those you know well, then your friends with dietary restrictions will anticipate a menu that can accommodate them.

Know Your Caterer

The way to get to know a caterer is to pay them an in-person visit. Spend time getting to know them and letting them get to know you. This is the only way to learn whether or not they are a good fit for your event. You should plan a face-to-face meeting with at least three caterers. Since there are a myriad of options for catering in Kansas City, look for those who are most willing to work with your menu desires and expectations. A tasting of the caterers’ offerings is important.

Know Your Venue

Another tip for choosing catering in Kansas City is to discover whether or not the caterer has ever worked at your selected venue. Art museums and historic sites may have unforeseen restrictions or limitations, for instance. If you’re planning an outdoor event, you’ll want to know whether the caterer has experience serving outdoors. A working familiarity with the venue makes everything so much smoother.
Our Mosaic Life Care Journey catering services offer delicious menus that will make your event stand out. Our Shoal Creek location is home to our Café and our catering services. We have experience preparing food for events large and small and are easily able to accommodate any dietary needs. When reviewing your choices for catering in Kansas City, give us a call for a free consultation. We would love to serve at your event!