Your Adoption Ceremony is a Unique Celebration of Your Child’s Past and Future

An adoption ceremony is a way of expressing thankfulness, joy and happiness in your child’s new place in your family. It is much like a baby dedication, naming ceremony or baby shower, where the transition to a new stage of life is honored with rituals and traditions.


Many families find satisfaction in including both the birth parents and the adoptive parents in the adoption ceremony when it is possible. The birth family may appreciate the honoring of their place in the child’s life, as well as having an opportunity to formally recognize the importance of that child in their own lives. This decision should be based on what is right for your family.


There are many ways to create your adoption ceremony to celebrate and honor your family. Here are a few ideas:

The Blessing

You may want a blessing offered that conveys emotions surrounding the child’s transition. It can take a variety of forms, from a song to a verse or the reading of a short story.


You might choose to create a token or memento for each family to take home to honor one another. A small plaque or figurine may be meaningful as a reminder of how important the event is and can be treasured for years to come.

The Ritual

There is no one right way to honor an adoption. Some families choose to have the birth parents physically or symbolically pass the child to the adoptive family, or you could write a pledge that encompasses both couples’ desire for a bright future for the child.


Your ritual could also include lighting of candles, the presentation of a gift to the child or a moment of prayer. Your ceremony can be designed to reflect your child’s personal journey, so get creative.

Honoring an Absent Parent

For an international adoption, if the birth parents aren’t able to be physically present, consider incorporating cultural elements from the baby’s country of origin. If you have contact with the birth family, ask them to write a letter to the child and then have someone read it at the ceremony.


Adopting a child comes with a wide range of emotions and experiences, and it’s important that you feel free to create an adoption ceremony that captures your child’s story. At Mosaic Life Care Journey, we have a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, June LeBlanc, who is highly trained in rituals and ceremony. June can help you create a ceremony that expresses the importance of bringing a child into your family. Call for an initial consultation today.