European Bath Ritual™

Our European Bath Ritual™ consists of three-jetted pools with opulent cascading waterfalls. Each pool is a different temperature in order to ease muscle tension, increase circulation and promote relaxation. We highly recommend using the European Bath Ritual™ (pools and waterfalls) prior to any massage to extend the effective massage time by warming up your muscles. Swimsuit required.


Complimentary with any purchased service or $25 per hour.

The Float Experience
Everyday expectations, stress and the aging effect of gravity take a toll on every individual. “Floating” is a luxurious experience that helps to promote the release of endorphins, which rejuvenates your body and mind. With 60 minutes of “floating,” your body and mind can experience the equivalent of four hours of normal rest.


The Float Experience is an enclosed room within a room that ensures a calming, private phase where the body remains in a state of tranquility. The body simply “floats” in 12 inches of buoyant, mineral-rich, and temperature-maintained (94°F) water. Due to the incredible buoyancy of water, the body is naturally compelled to float.The Float Experience is designed to help detoxify the body, sedate the nervous system, relax muscles, reduce fatigue, promote healing, enhance creativity and much more. The Float Experience is a highly recommended relaxation method for individuals in high-stress situations and for travelers.

  60 minutes: $65 per session, $125 for a package of 3

  30 minutes: $45 per session