Mosaic Life Care Journey Optimal Wellness Coaching is dedicated to helping you achieve goals to live your healthiest life. Optimal Wellness Coaches are trained to help you evaluate your readiness and barriers to change, practice motivational interviewing techniques and build on your internal motivation to transform behaviors for enhanced overall well-being.


Optimal Wellness Coaches provide an evidence-based approach to coaching and are held to the International Coaching Federation competencies and standards. One of the strong points of this program is that we are focused on meeting you where you are on your wellness journey and helping you achieve your optimal wellness!


To schedule your free, 30-minute consultation, contact April Anderson. In this consultation, you will meet one-on-one with one of our certified optimal wellness coaches and, together, discuss your personal goals and how they might be reached. By reviewing your medical history, nutrition and exercise history among other things, our coaches will be able to properly design a personalized wellness program geared toward your needs and goals. You will be able to tour one of our beautiful facilities and see exactly where your coaching sessions will take place.


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