Dance Yourself Healthy With Zumba Gold for Active Older Adults

Zumba Gold is a fitness class that is fun and one that was created specifically for older adults or those with physical limitations. Zumba offers class members the full-body fun of Latin dance-inspired exercise. Zumba Gold offers that same kind of enjoyment but at a slightly reduced level of intensity; the very same fun but with a little less speed and impact.

Music and Movement

Moving to music is a great way to get the benefits of cardio exercise. Because you are having such a good time, you hardly realize that you are actually strengthening circulation, bones and muscles. When you take a Zumba Gold class, you can expect to see improvements in your range of motion. Balance and posture improvements are also common. Best of all, because it is offered in a class format, you will be enjoying all of this with a group of friends. In fact, Zumba markets itself based on its high fun-factor: “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!”

Meeting You Where You Are at

Because Zumba Gold caters to older participants, the entire program is designed to be user-friendly for that demographic. You get to dance, but at a pace that works with your stage of life. The dancing is fun but the impact on joints is minimal. Research has shown the importance of getting up and moving. A class that makes moving fun and safe is a great way to live longer and happier.

Improved Wellness

Getting your blood flowing will help with improved overall wellness. Exercising your muscles will make you feel stronger and more stable. And sharing pleasurable experiences with others does wonders for your mental health and positive outlook. The bottom line is this: it is fun to stay active. Life is more fun when you feel better. And, to be honest, it’s not just that you will feel better — your body will function better when you are getting some regular, sustained movement.
At Mosaic Life Care Journey, we offer Zumba Gold class on a weekly basis. Simply visit our website, click on a date that works for you and reserve your spot in one of our classes. You will be so glad you did. And so will your class of new friends! Staying healthy doesn’t have to feel like work — with Zumba Gold it can also be fun.